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O2 : first podcast arrived !

Just in time for Event 2 (E2), you can listen the first podcast about the Experience "Migratory Musics". You can listen HERE on the website of Rocher de Palmer, and download them HERE (i Tunes). Words of actors (teachers, kids, musicians, educator, mediator) and presentation audio of the project. Enjoy. Be continued.

Podcast #01  Présentation de Migratory Musics _ FR / 1mn59 Sous titre : Les objectifs, les partenariats et les productions du projet Erasmus +  de coopération européenne Migratory Musics
Podcast #02  Les ateliers chant dans les classes _ FR / 4mn15 Sous titre : Les répétitions en classe dans les écoles Menemeni à Thessalonique, Athénée Royale à Bruxelles, Buisson et Sembat à Bègles

Podcast #03 Une session au studio d’enregistrement _ FR / 2mn50 Sous titre : Sous la direction de Nico et Mathieu, les élèves de Bègles découvrent les règles et les joies du chant enregistré
Podcast #04 Les valeurs de Migratory Musics _ FR, GB / 3mn48 Sous titre : Ecole, arts, diversité culturel…
Articles récents

C2 start !

Bruxelles Nord, here we are ! Participants (12) in the second Migratory Musics training course (C2) will follow a 5-day course from Wednesday 13 February to Sunday 17 February. Thèmes :

The role of the school in welcoming migrant families,
The role of the arts in language learning,
The enhancement of cultural heritage in integration processes,
The modes of communication between people of different traditions,
The importance of networking in reception facilities.

So many questions, thoughts and practices, which we will share, together, within the framework of the European cooperation project. We will meet : Graphic workshop with Lucile Gaultier and sharing of her very fresh experience as an artist working in a first-time arrival class in Marseille Musicologist Helene Sechehaye, coordinator of the "Refugees for Refugees" project Workshop with the CGE (Change for Equality) on school/family relations - a look at the construction of relationships to knowledge Musical workshop led …

European Year of Heritage 2018

We are proud to announce that Migratory Musics project has been awarded the LABEL "European Year of Heritage 2018" by the European Commission. This label underlines our involvement in the promotion of mother tongues as well as our reflections on the place of the arts and schools in a process of social integration that does not erase people's cultural heritage. More information HERE on the website of the French Ministry of cultural & communication.
Laba _ 07 02 2019

2019 : more welcome

"Dream Big, Wish a Lot, Magic will do the Rest". We hope more solidarity, more creativity, more awareness, more welcome in EU (and everywhere) for Migrants & Refugees. Modestly, Migratory Musics' partners are continuing their journey, with a quick assessment of the year 2018 and the calendar of events 2019.

What happened in 2018...

Workshops led by professional musicians in 3 primary classes (8 to10 years) from 3 countries (Belgium, Greece, France)10 sessions per class / from September 2017 to June 2018Recording and mixing of 27 songs (Output 1) in professional studios in Cenon, Brussels and Thessaloniki - June 2018Festive moments with children and families organised by socio-cultural partners (Estey Bègles Social Centre, Maison de la Création BrusselsNord and Synkoino Coop in Thessaloniki)- May to June 2018Cultural event to promote a year of European cooperation, including the screening of a documentary film - October 2018Training course and exchange of experiences …

E2 : un Dimanche à la Maison

We are totally excited to spend a "Home Sweet Sunday Home" (Dimanche à la Maison) at Bruxelles, during the second Event (E2) of Migratory Musics's Project. The partners & the participants of the second Curse (C2, 13 to 17 February) will prepare a surprise during their stage : a really special Live called "Concert Musique Migratoire". It sounds great ! More information, clik HERE.
Maison de la Création _ 30 january 2019

Migrant Backgrounds

Hey ! We recieve this interesting report about our subject. You can read & download it HERE, on the European Commission Platform. Resume  " This Eurydice report investigates what top-level education authorities across Europe do to promote the integration of students from a migrant background into schools. It presents a comparative mapping of a wide range of national policies and measures aimed at placing newly arrived migrant students in schools and addressing the various issues related to them. It also offers a deeper analysis of some of the key policies that can enable schools to welcome students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds and to take into account students’ social and emotional needs in order to encourage their learning and development (...) The report also analyses the comprehensiveness of policy approaches, which puts equal emphasis on the diversity and well-being side. Information covers 42 education systems, including the 28 EU Member States as wel…

We use "salad" of methologies

What a good week we spent ! The first Course (C1) has gathered, during 5 days (10 to 15th october 2018) an european group, with different background. Teachers, artists & educators from 3 countries worked together, exchanged their practices, visited experiences ...  to understand why is important to have a transversal approach about Migrant's situation before developp pedagogies trough Arts. Thanks to Anne, Kawthar, Olivier, Fatoum, Florence (from Belgium), Koldo, Efthi, Vasileios, Maria, Aikaterini, Maria (from Greece), Aurelia, Zohra, Sophie, Jacques-Pierre, Elise, Catherine, Margaux, Hervé (France) for their activ participation. See U next time in Brussels for the second Course in Frebruary 2019. Thanks also to french local organisations which recieve us :

Service Culture de la ville de Bègles CADA (France Terre d'Asile)Centre social et Culturel Estey BèglesJardins partagés Thorez-Goelands BèglesINSUP Formation Bègles (LFE)Ecoles Marcel Sembat et Ferdinand Buisson Bègles…