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We use "salad" of methologies

What a good week we spent ! The first Course (C1) has gathered, during 5 days (10 to 15th october 2018) an european group, with different background. Teachers, artists & educators from 3 countries worked together, exchanged their practices, visited experiences ...  to understand why is important to have a transversal approach about Migrant's situation before developp pedagogies trough Arts. Thanks to Anne, Kawthar, Olivier, Fatoum, Florence (from Belgium), Koldo, Efthi, Vasileios, Maria, Aikaterini, Maria (from Greece), Aurelia, Zohra, Sophie, Jacques-Pierre, Elise, Catherine, Margaux, Hervé (France) for their activ participation. See U next time in Brussels for the second Course in Frebruary 2019. Thanks also to french local organisations which recieve us :

Service Culture de la ville de Bègles CADA (France Terre d'Asile)Centre social et Culturel Estey BèglesJardins partagés Thorez-Goelands BèglesINSUP Formation Bègles (LFE)Ecoles Marcel Sembat et Ferdinand Buisson Bègles…
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See U this Week End

Come on ! You are welcome at the Rocher de Palmer, Cenon, on Saturday morning (13.10 / 10h30 to 12h30) & on Sunday afternoon (14.10 / 14h to 17h) to share good vibrations with Migratory Musics.  A very interesting Talks is waiting for you, on Saturday, to listen to researchers, associations and teachers on the issue of welcoming and promoting mother tongues. A magic moment is waiting for you, on Saturday, wtih a documentary video about the projetc, the songs of the children recording this year & a concert (Cie Mohein who accompanied the children in class). All is free, all is fantastic !

Video on line

4 video clip to discover & to share the spirit of Migratiory Musics Project. With the actors & the partners of diffrents countries (Belgium, Greece & France), listen how they talk about this singular european project. Clik here on this chanel created by the Rocher de Palmer.

C1 : 5 days to share in october

The first training course, C1, will take place from 10 October to 14 October in France. In Bègles (at the Centre Social et Culturel Estey) and in Cenon (Rocher de Palmer). For Greek, Belgian and French teachers and educators, partners of the European Migratory Musics project. We're waiting for you!

Themes of the internship program.:

·      The role of the school in welcoming migrant families,
·      The role of the arts in language learning,
·      The enhancement of cultural heritage in integration processes,
·      The modes of communication between people of different traditions,
·      The importance of networking in reception facilities....

So many questions, reflections and practices, which we will share, together, in the framework of the European cooperation project: MIGRATORY MUSICS.

DAY 1 - Wednesday 10 October
To learn to communicate without speaking the same language

DAY 2 - Thursday 11 October SEMBAT and BUI…

Studio Sessions

The children from the 3 schools in Thessaloniki, Brussels North and Bègles recorded their songs in professional studios (15 may to 15 june). Fantastic experience for Belgian, Greek and French music professionals to work with these children and their beautiful voices. Thank you children, thank you teachers for your smiles and your talent. Just like parents and family, we look forward to discovering the CD book! 

DIME project, Dream project !

Today (22th june) in Pessac, closed to Bordeaux, two of our partners, INSUP formation (Fr) and EDRA (Gr) are working together on another European project : DIME. Develop a skills reference framework and training modules promoting the Inclusion of Migrants. On, trainers can discover and apply concrete training to migrants in order to enhance their skills:

in languages,
in mathematics and numerics,
social and civic.

Congratulations !

World Refugee Day, the 2Oth June

Today, the 20th of june, this is the World Refugee Day. In Bordeaux, Aurelia Coulaty (Langage-toi, writer), Pierre Wetzel (photo) and many partners participate of this important event, with a beautiful & sensitive exhibition called " LES REVES d'avant la route" (dreams, before the road). Where is it ? At the "Halles des Douves" in Bordeaux center (St Michel).  See U.