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During the project, 4 events (E1, E2, E3, E4) will be organised by partners,
to valorise & dissiminate all the productions (O1, 02, 03, 04 _ intellectual output)

Event 1 in Cenon
When : 14 october 2018
Where : Rocher de Palmer, cultural center
Program :
- brunch
- concert with Kids (& family) who participate at the workshop in school
- presentation of the CD (audio only, O2)
- concert world music
- talks

> before : Event in Bègles at the Social & Cultural Center Estey (17 may 2018) with the family & the kids of Marcel Sembat and Ferdinand Buisson (Schools partners)

Event 2 in Bruxelles
When : 17 february 2019
Where : Maison de la Création, cultural center
Program :
- Dimanche à la Maison
- concert with Kids (& family) who participate at the workshop in school (if it is possible)
- presentation of the Podcast (O2)
- talks

Event 3 in Thessalonique 
When : 26 May 2019 (to confirm)
Where : Synkoino Coop
Program :
- presentation of the "Guide for integration of migrant family" (O3)
- presentation of the CD Book (O1)
- presentation of the MOOC (O4)
- concert with Kids (& family) who participate at the workshop in school (if it is possible)
- performance (to confirm)


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Let's go to the First show

Tonight, the kids of Ferdinand Buisson & Marcel Sembat School, will sing on stage. At the Social & Cultural Center Estey, they will perform with the musicians of Compagnie MOHEIN, who leaded them in lasts workshop with Aurélia Coulaty & their teachers, Zohra & Emilie. Parents, friends, teachers, people are welcome for this free & sensational concert in Bègles. It start at 18h00 after a presentation of the Musics Migratory European project by the Major of Bègles & representants of the french partners (Estey, Education Nationale, INSUP formation, LABA & Musiques de Nuit). See U tonight. Please, come till 17h00 at Estey, to share a moment with us, around games, snack & differents cultures.

Hervé _ from LABA, 2018 05 24

See U this Week End

Come on ! You are welcome at the Rocher de Palmer, Cenon, on Saturday morning (13.10 / 10h30 to 12h30) & on Sunday afternoon (14.10 / 14h to 17h) to share good vibrations with Migratory Musics.  A very interesting Talks is waiting for you, on Saturday, to listen to researchers, associations and teachers on the issue of welcoming and promoting mother tongues. A magic moment is waiting for you, on Saturday, wtih a documentary video about the projetc, the songs of the children recording this year & a concert (Cie Mohein who accompanied the children in class). All is free, all is fantastic !

Let's dream ... together