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Pedagogy through Arts

Spend good times at Bruxelles, specially in Maison de la Création for the second transnational Meeting (M2) on monday, the 23rd april. We could make a very intense overwiew about the musical workshop led at Bègles, Thessaloniki & Laaken. Talk about the Guide (03) ... specially about the first survey. Adjust the visual identity of Migratory Musics (logo, colour, typo). Exchange about the next step at Bègles (10 to 15 october). And share a common vision about all the productions we have to do. With a common goal : experiment new pedagogy / methodoly in school, with teachers, artistes & educator to valorize each culture & improve the welcome of primo arrivant family. Step by step, we progress together. Thanks to all the nice person who participate at this constructiv meeting : Anne, Kawtar, Anne, Florence, Anne, Marie Jo, Maria, Angeliki, Danai, Koldo, Juanjo, Jacques Pierre, Eva, Elise, Aurélia, Mathieu, Jacques Yves, Marie, Coralie, Coralie, Mehdi, Souhaeil, Mostapha, & Margaux. Keep in touch / Work in progress.

Herve, from Laba _  2018 05 01


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Let's dream ... together

I recognize it !

"Me too, I know ... this song ! My mummy was singing it to my sister". Around twenty children, living in Bègles, talk with an writer (Aurelia), sing with musicians (Anne, Adele, Nico) and exchange with their teacher (Zohra) about their story. Where they come from ? Where their parents come from ? Wich lullaby songs, wich rhymes, do they know ? This workshop takes place in Marcel Sembat school, every 3 weeks, till november 2017 to june 2018. It will start the same adventure in Brussells and in Thessalonique ... also in a school, also with children (6-10 years), also with artists & teachers.

Hervé, LABA _ 2017 12 12

3, 2, 1 ... Go !

First meeting, first (good) vibrations ! We talked about the spirit & the philosophy about this beautifil european project. We learn a lot of things about the activity & the creativity of each partners coming from Athenes (EDRA), Thessalonique (Synkoino Coop), Bruxelles (Maison de la Création, Ecole Fondamentale de l'Athénée Royale), Bègles (Centre Social et culturel de l'Estey, Ecole Marcel Sembat, INSUP) and Cenon (Rocher de Palmer, Le LABA). We feel a great atmosphere beetween us to start a strong partnership during this next 2 years. See U soon.

Hervé, LABA  _2017 11 17