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During tjhe project, 4 intellectual Output (O1 to O4) will be realized. Each partners works to product different Output according their own skills.

CD BOOK of Lullaby Songs
directed by Musiques de Nuit (Aurelia Coulaty, writer)
with Maison de la Création (Mathieu Dupont, audio producer)
with 3 schools who welcomes & participate in a Musical Workshop (jan to june 2018)
_ Menemeni School at Thessalonique
_ Marcel Sembat (Zohra) & Ferdinand Buisson (Emilie) at Bègles
_ Athénée Royale Bruxelles 2 (Anne Echterbille, )

Calendar :

_ 24 to 26 April 2018 : Aurelia Coulaty, Mathieu Dupont & Hervé Castelli visit partners in Bruxelles & Thessalonique for explain the process to each partners, specially teachers & artistes who directed workshop in school in 3 country. And to booked Recording studio.

_ 15 May 2018 : recording Songs at Studio Maison de la Créaion in Brussels (BE)
_ 04 June 2018 : recording Songs at Studio Polytropon in Tessaloniki (GR)
_ 15 June 2018 : recording Song at Studio Rocher de Palmer, in Cenon (FR)

Selected songs (15) : respect a balance beetween
_ different country represented in 3 country,
_ artistic quality
_ cultural diversity

Next :

_ July 2018 : mix & mastering by professionals, selected by Mathieu Dupont
_ September 2018 : editing CD (maybe 200 to confirm)
_ September to Décember 2018 : writing text by Aurélia Coulaty
_ October 2018 : selected a professional by Aurelia Coulaty to realized the CD Book
_ October 2018 : presentation of CD Audio only (first part) for E1 at Cenon
_ March 2019 : conception & editing the CD Book final (number ?)
_ May 2019 : presentation of CD Book final for E2 at Bruxelles

realized by 3 partners in 3 country
Synkoino Coop in Grece, Musiques de Nuit in France, Maison de la création in Belgium
during Musical Workshops in School (januar to june 2018)
This Podcast will be used for the MOOC (O4) and for the Radio dissemination (E4)
It could be :
_ interview of kids, of parents, of teachers, of educators
_ recording songs in class room (live)

This Podcast will be valorized during :

- E2 in Belgium (February 2019)
- E3 in Greece (May 2019)

Guide integration 
realized by INSUP Formation (FR) & EDRA (GR)
in 3 languages (FR, GR & GB)
During the project professionnals (Anne Larramendy, Marie Jo Duranton & Maria Kerasoglou) analyzed school learnings in 3 different country to developp a guide with :
_ pedagogic tools & best practices for teachers & educators
_ resources for migrant mothers (& parents) to understand the institution of the country where they arrived

Calendar (to confirm) :
_ March 2018 : "Survey Test" for teachers & Migrant Mothers in Bègles, Bruxelles, Athènes & Thessalonique
_ June 2018 : Survey (to 60 person) for teachers & Migrant Mothers in the 3 countries
_ February 2019 : exchange with partners during C2 in Belgium
exchange with French teachers at Rocher de Palmer
_ May 2019 : presentation of the Guide for E3 in Greece

MOOC on line
realized by Musiques de Nuit & Le LABA
for valorized all the productions made during the project (video, photo, text, drawn ...)
to train profesionnals (Social & Cultural team)
for a best integration & welcomes in Europe for Migrant Family

Calendar (to confirm)
_ May 2019 : presentation of the MOOC for E3 in Thessalonique


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24 may 2019 _ BIP UP to Klara, Efi, Iro, Ledi, Meka, Florias & Panos who played SYNORA (Borders in Greek language) to conclude Event 3 in the Museum Course. This Theatre Performance about migrant's experiences is very delicate, creative and effective. Without speaking, nobody borred for a second. The sound, the rythm, the light ... are superb. Basic and imaginative. Art can change the world. Thanks You Synkoino Coop for that. Leaded by Koldo Vio, the young amateurs actors are coming from Albania, Armenia and Greece. Beautiful End of Part II of E3. We were very proud to have a dinner after with this young Compagny !

MINISTERY of education & EU links

24 may 2019 _ Maria Vafeiadou work now for the Office of régional direction Education of central Macedonia. She was a teacher with Martha in Menemeny Schools ("it created a strong link beetween each other"), and she is also a musician. Perfect for our project to meet her ! She explained to us what the greek Ministry is doing for Migrant & Refugees Pupils. Most of them arrived in Greece, the doors of Europe, by the east coast (by boat) or by the Turkish Borders, that's why there are a lot of migrants in and around Thessaloniki. It is a "Hosting Country" and "a step" in a migratory moving.
After they arrived, they are registered and they went to a Camp. After maybe to an appartement, if they didn''t leave before and if they are enough place. Special European Fund for this urgency exist to support NGO and Greek Gouvernement in the face of the massive arrival of migrants.
In 2016, Ministry of education create a new function with "teacher…

EVALUATION : what's next ?

25 may 2019 _ The end of the project cominig soon (august 2019). That's why we asked this question to our partners : "If we have to restart our project now, after 2 years of partnership, what we have to keep, to stop and to create, to improve our practices and our collective productions ?".

All the partners participated to this participative evaluation during M4 (transnational meeting 4) in Thessaloniki, on saturday, the 25th may 2019. Many lessons learned. One of them from a teacher :

« I wouldlike to say to each one of you, how much I countedevery minute in yourcompany. Yourwill to change something, to see in the otherwhatisbeautiful to share. Yourgestures, yourwords, our sharing, our exchanges, ourtearsalsosometimes, ourmanylaughs,  everythingthat made thisproject an unforgettableexperience. Seeds are sown, nothingisfinished! I  know that all thiswillaccompany me in myschool, in my class, but not only ! Thankyou to each of you,  from the bottom